Coco Petals

Scent Notes: When coco meets amber and gives her a bouquet of roses, you can clearly smell that chivalry is not dead. This scent is sweet sophistication, a delicious pun that no one can resist, and "a few of my favorite things" that we are sure would make for an Audrey Hepburn-approved candle choice. 

Pairs well with grazing the floral market with a mochachino. 

Details: Our 8 oz. handmade soy + beeswax candles feature a  70 hour burn time with a natural wood wick made to create the sound of a crackling fire and enhance our beautiful scents. Our glass containers come from recycled champagne bottles in partnership with Bars and Venues in the Los Angeles Market. We hand make each bottle, cutting it down and sanding it right here in our LA workshop. Each candle comes with a dust cover that grows wildflowers when planted! Then light a candle and #takeamoment for yourself.

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