Candle Components


Each PieceByPaz candle starts with an empty wine bottle heading straigh for the trash. We work with local partners to save these bottles. Then we cut them in half, brand it with our logo, polish and smooth the edges, transforming each bottle into an upcycled masterpiece.


We fill each bottle with an all natural, non-GMO soy and beeswax blend. Why include beeswax you ask? Simply, it’s good for your health (And makes your candle last longer). Beeswax, when heated, emits negative ions into the air that weigh down the positive ions (pollution) in your air. This process makes the air you breathe a pure, clean, happy place.


To top off each PieceByPaz candle, we chose an eco-friendly wood wick. These unique wicks crackle when they burn, like a fireplace. It could end there and you’d be sold. But there’s more. Wood wicks create 0% soot, so no yucky black stuff on your walls!

Dust Covers

Finally each candle comes with a beautiful dust cover that protects the wax until it's ready to be burned. Instead of wasting paper on this, we have found a way to use hand made paper infused with wildflower seeds. All you have to do is plant each dust cover in the garden or in your empty Piece By Paz container, water daily and allow full sun. Enjoy your new flowers!