What is your wick made of?

We chose to top off our candles with wood wicks for several reasons. It’s an emerging concept to the wick alternative. We like to be different and stand out. Wood wicks are one of the niches allowing us to accomplish this. Wood wicks create 0 soot when burning. This means no black stuff on your walls, or on your lungs. When lit, wood wicks make a crackling sound that is reminiscent of a fire place or camp fire. The sound is both relaxing and stimulating, making it extraordinary!


Does your wax have health benefits?

Yes our wax actually has benefits not only to the environment, but to your health. Environment: Beeswax is all natural. Think about it. It’s created by Mother Nature herself, with the help of her army of bees. We chose to pair this wax with an organic, non-GMO soy wax for a better burn and better scent throw for the candle burning experience you get with PieceByPaz candles. Health: Beeswax, when heated, emits negative ions into the air that attach themselves to positive ions (pollution), weighing them down to the ground. Basically beeswax is cleaning and purifying the air you breath when one of our candles are lit.


Is your fragrance clean for the air? 

Every candle burned has aromatic effects. Because we use essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils in all of our candles, they make perfect sense to burn with a good conscience. No parafens, chemicals, or harmful particals floating around in your clean air. Kelsey also has the “Nose” for creating the perfect blend of fragrances, creating what she likes to think of as a work of art in each candle.


Who made my candle?

Chances are it was either Kelsey Paz or JD Snyder, and for now those are your only two options. Each candle is truly made with an artisanal approach in mind. Batches are made 7 at a time in each scent, each bottle hand cut, each candle hand poured, and everything in between done by hand. The ingredients, labels, materials, packaging, etc. are all sourced domestically in the USA, and always will be. Collaborating with local businesses and fellow small business owners is a core value of PieceByPaz.


Do your tags really grow flowers? 

They do grow flowers! Our tags are made from handmade paper that is embedded with annual and perennial wildflower seeds. They are biodegradable, and when planted, will sprout beautiful flowers. We recommend either planting them right in your garden, or in your empty PxP jar once your candle disappears.


What is the burn time for each candle?

Our original 10oz candle lasts up to 70 hours! (give or take…mostly give). The reason for this is because our wood wicks actually burn at a slower rate than normal wicks, as well as the addition of the beeswax. Beeswax burns at a higher temperature allowing for a longer burn time as well.

My candle is having a hard time re-lighting or staying lit. What can I do? 

With a wood wick, when it burns, you notice that it will turn black, as all wood does when it burns. This black part just simply needs to be knocked off (into a trash can preferably). Not all the way down to the wax, but close to it. I like to compare this process to the "trimming" of normal wicks. The closer the wick is to the candle (no matter wood or normal) the better and longer burn you will get. As for the separating of the two wicks, this is normal as well. We have two pieces of wood for our wicks. One acts as the "pump" strip as we like to call it. This piece helps keep the wick piece lit longer. Once you have knocked off the top part of the black wood, you will notice it is no longer separated and ready to be re-lit! 

It looks like the wax isn't burning all the way to the bottom of the container. Is this normal? 

Because our candles are in reused champagne and wine bottles, there is a natural punt at the bottom. If you turn your candle over, you will notice a slight curve inward. We have sourced the flattest bottoms we could find at our local bars, which wasn't the easiest. These bottles do still have that natural rounding, and for this reason, the candle wax will only burn to the highest point on this curve, where the wick is placed in the middle. In result, we always pour about an ounce more of actual wax into our candles to make up for the ounce at the bottom that the wick can't get to. If you have a wax warmer you can always place your remaining candle on your wax warmer to use the rest. You can also pour boiling water into the candle itself, it will melt the wax (making it very fragrant) this wax will rise to the top (sometimes needing a little help) and once it dries, you can easily remove it from the water and you have a large wax piece that you can also use loose in a wax warmer as well! You can also get a refill through our website: http://www.piecebypaz.com/collections/recycled-wine-bottles-candles/products/refill-my-candle