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It all started March 31, 1995. I was 8 years old and set out on a mission to make my own candle, with container, by myself. I used my pottery wheel Grandma got me for Christmas. I melted down leftover wax from old candles around the house (reusing from the beginning!). A touch of paint here, a touch of paint there, and voila, my first candle. I inscribed the exact day I did this into the clay, this is how I know it was 3.31.1995. 

 Fast-forward 18 years later. A friend presented me with a block of beeswax she found at a local thrift store and said “Do something with this.” My first natural thought was, candles. The next step was finding the perfect container. Acknowledging the fact that I had a bottle-hoarding problem (so many Pinterest projects, so little time), I channeled my 8-year-old-self, and set out on a mission to turn these bottles into my candle containers.

Teaming up with my better half, JD Snyder, brought dynamic and vision to the mission of PieceByPaz. We spent several tireless months perfecting the cut of the bottles, experimenting with beeswax and other innovative organic waxes, and crafting the ideal scents to fit any lifestyle.  The outcome. Your new favorite candle! Seriously. 

Our customers feel no guilt, while still getting all the pleasure, when burning PieceByPaz candles. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and it’s reflected in our product. From the containers, to the wicks, even down to the plantable dust covers. All natural, sustainable, and loyal to Mother Nature is what we’re all about!

- Kelsey Paz