Refill My Candle

Has your favorite Piece By Paz candle run out but you want to continue to recycle that already recycled wine glass? 


We love taking recycling to the next level and we love giving our wonderful customers, like you, incentive to do so. 

Purchase refill(s), send back your empty(s), and save money! 

Refills are $8 OFF and shipping to you is FREE!

  1. Purchase whichever refill you want. (Note: you DO NOT have to refill with same scent.)
  2. Shipping back your empties:                                                                   Piece By Paz                                                                                               1005 NW 22nd Ave                                                                                  Delray Beach, FL 33445
  3. Once we receive your empty container(s), we will ship out your brand new scent(s) right to your door!
"Let's keep helping our environment TOGETHER!"

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