by Kelsey Paz February 29, 2016


While the taste test result of one person can be a good reference, at the same time, it's only one opinion. Having the opinion of others and voting is the best way to grasp a larger understanding of what kind of cheap wine you want to drink for the night. Plus, let's face it, it's fun to enlist the help of your friends and family to drink cheap white wine with you and pass your unbiased opinions with 4 different palettes during a blind chardonnay taste test. Which is precisely what I did! 

I asked my beloved future in-laws Sue & Duwane, our friends Brett & Katie, and my fiance, JD, for their help. JD and Brett were our "cater waiters" and were the ones that kept track of which wine was what (while keeping it a secret from us). I have to give all who helped props and thanks because they were all really into it which was adorable and extremely helpful for this post and your next Trader Joe's cheap wine excursion! 

The results were hilarious and made me wish I had recorded the whole scene! JD poured the wine into fancy vintage gold china, Brett served them too us on a tray and cleared the table when we were done, while Sue, Duwane, Katie, and I shouted out key words that described the smell, taste, and our overall opinions of what we were tasting. I was simultaneously writing down everything that was being said. Below is a compilation of all of these random shout outs. I decided not to change any of them because they are raw, funny, and honest. 


Trader Joe's cheapest chardonnay taste test with Vinas Chilenas Charles Shaw and Purple Moon


 save water drink wine Trader Joe's best priced chardonnay white wine taste test results

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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