by Kelsey Paz July 16, 2015


Alright. Confession. I am a glass jar hoarder. To justify it, (because everything is justifiable right?) owning your own recycled glass candle company really makes you look at empty glass containers differently. In all honesty, I can't tell you the last time I threw out (into the recycling bin of course) any glass jar. They have either become our cups, our leftover food containers, ponytail holders, loose nuts, bolts, nails, bobby pins, q-tips, paper clips, etc. You name it, I store it in a glass jar I refused to toss. This leads to a lot of mismatched "tacky" glass jars laying around the house doing nothing for our design aesthetic. So I've come up with a solution and it involves going to the toy aisle, which is so much fun! p.s. Yes! Again, this is super easy! The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry and THAT IS THE WORST! Especially when all you want to do is enjoy your new creation and show it off. Ok let's get started because the faster you get that paint on the .... oh who am I kidding, it won't dry faster. Let's just get started. 1. Gather your materials. This is the part where you get all of those recycled glass containers you have been keeping. I'm pretty sure one is from some granola I bought once, one is definitely a honey jar, and I have two here that are from the best jam in the world! Laura Ann's Jams, the "Rockin' Jalepeno", y'all it's out of this world! Now run to the toy aisle (I went to Michaels Arts & Crafts because they have a toy aisle and a paint aisle), grab the little plastic figurines you want to adorn your lids. I chose a pig (because my Mom in Alabama told me she wanted me to make her one with a pig and you always do what your Mom tells you), a deer (because it's cute), a squirrel (because why not), and a dinosaur (because I have an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs that I am proud of.) Grab some spray paint in the colors you want, and grab that glue gun of yours. repurposed glass jars with animals on top  
2. Clean your jars. Glue your toys to the top of the lid. You can use hot glue, or any glue that holds really well.
3. Spray paint the entire lid + toy animal. This may or may not take a couple coats.
4. Wait for that darn paint to dry. Then fill up your newly styled recycled glass storage containers and put those bad boys on display! And you can get creative with it. I hollowed out this larger dino (again, obsessed), and planted a succulent in his back. Because what dinosaur doesn't want to have a succulent growing out of his back? (and for the record, this one was my finance's idea. Proud soon-to-be-wifey.)
This little piggy is so happy to look pretty in your home (and my Mom's because that's where he's heading..."all the way home") <------ You know I had to. HAVE FUN!

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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