by Kelsey Paz July 02, 2015

tumblr This could very well be the easiest, yet most festive, recipe for the Fourth Of July! Seriously. You can't quite procrastinate as much as I comfortably do, however, if you are reading this today (Thursday), & take two minutes to prepare this tonight (or let's be honest, even Friday. . . or Saturday morning . . .), you will be good to go for your festive 4th of July bubbly or still sippers Saturday afternoon, and long into the night while soaking in the beauty of those fireworks! What is this miraculous recipe I'm about to share with you that will completely impress your friends and enhance that crafty side of you? (If you are like, "Look, I'm not crafty"... this is so easy but so impressive, you don't have to be. But just to warn you, people will think you are and start expecting you to make them crafty things or, heaven forbid, bake for them! Bake!) Note: No baking involved in this. We will tap into that side of you later. Let's get to it then. How to make healthy RED, WHITE, & BLUE ICE: STEP 1 Gather your materials. We used a standard ice tray, but you can get fancy and fabulous with it and use star-shaped trays. (Honestly I couldn't find one or else I would have definitely used the star tray, so I really hope you find one!) Fruits: Any red or blue fruit you can think of. Pictured are raspberries, strawberries (you will have to cut them up), pomegranates, and blueberries. IMG_1693 STEP 2 Yep, you guessed it, fill those ice tray pockets up with the fruit. Add a couple of each, about halfway full. Then fill them with water per the usual procedure of ice-making. (Fun fact: raspberries float, the rest don't. Who knew.) IMG_1699   STEP 3 Freeze. (Should take a few hours. Overnight would be best, however if you started Saturday morning, don't fret, a few hours will suffice.) Then enjoy with your favorite beverage!     IMG_1709   Enjoy & have a happy Fourth of July! Your drinks deserve to be red, white, and blue too!   Best candle to pair with the Fourth of July? Orange Creamsicle. Summer never smelled so good! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Pinterest for more fun: @PieceByPaz Our favorite glass straws pictured in our drink above are from Simply Straws. Their blue straws are perfect for the season too!

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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