Our Top 5 Eco Friendly Celebs

by Kelsey Paz July 09, 2014

Our Favorite Treehuggers These Eco Chic celebrities are the ones we want the next generation to learn from. Face it, when you're in the spotlight as much as they are, people listen, and what these celebs have to say is important. They want to make a difference, and with all of us behind them, they can!....WE CAN! So who are our picks? Let's get started: JESSICA ALBA jessica alba This Golden Globe-nominated actress is actively involved with charities such as Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, ONE, Habitat for Humanity, and Project HOME. While we love her not only for these wonderful contributions, we absolutely adore her endeavor The Honest Company. She wanted to find a "balanced version" of the extreme eco person. She didn't want to live "off the grid", but still wanted to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle for her growing family. Through research on eco-products to bring to her home and use safely on & around her children, she hit a wall. This is when she partnered with Christopher Gavigan and their company The Honest Co was introduced to the world, and are we happy it was! Their mission is to "redefine the idea of the family brand." Shop Honest's Eco-friendly line of home and baby products here, they will change your lifestyle. Their blog is also a wonderful guide to adhering to that Eco lifestyle as well!   LEONARDO DICAPRIO Leonardo Dicaprio Yes, he drives a Prius.... and he refuses to charter private jets, so keep an eye out next time you fly commercial, your favorite environmentalist celebrity may be your flying buddy. Leo has also co-wrote, co-produced, and narrated the film 11th Hour. Through this film he discussed the state of the global environment and offered solutions to restoring the planet's ecosystems. Not only does he support, and is even on the board of several charities such as Reef Check Foundation, Global Green, Global Cool, Feeding America, Tree People, and Natural Resources Defense Council, but he has also founded his own charity called Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. His mission: "Dedicated to protecting Earth's last wild places and implementing solutions that create harmonious relationships between humanity and the natural world." Through his foundation, he recently donated $7 million to meaningful ocean conservation throughout the next 2 years!   NATALIE PORTMAN Natalie Portman A vegetarian since childhood and vegan since 2009, Natalie has always adhered to an Eco-friendly lifestyle. Among many things Natalie has done for the environment, some include efforts to help save the gorillas in Rwanda, being the face of a low-energy light bulb company, and most notably, designing her own luxury vegan shoe line with Te Casan. FUN FACT: Natalie Portman's engagement ring is Eco-friendly! Her husband, Benjamin Millepied, was sure to value her lifestyle and adorned her ring finger with a recycled platinum, vintage center stone, and conflict-free diamond engagement ring! Keeping with the theme, she followed her engagement with an Eco-friendly wedding, including a 100% vegan menu.   WOODY HARRELSON woody-ream-straw Woody rides in style. In fact, he has traveled the American west coast on his bike and domino caravan with a hemp oil-fueled biodiesel bus, donned with dolphins, rainbows, and unicorns on the side, complete with solar panels and cork floors. He may arrive on set in his Eco bus for his acting roles, but in Woody's spare time from acting, he is proud environmentalist, vegan, and raw foodist. He donates to numerous charities such as PETA, Green Peace, Rain Forest Action Network, Surfrider Foundation, and more. He, along with his wife, have also established the foundation Voice Yourself. Perhaps the thing that stands out amongst the rest for Woody's endeavors is his wheat-based paper company Step Forward Paper. He wants to be a "paper industry revolutionary who saves forests from chainsaws."   ALICIA SILVERSTONE alicia silverstone Her dogs are vegan, but she's not .... eating meat either! Did you think? That would be weird. Yes, Alicia Silverstone is a devout vegan, environmentalist, and animal-rights activist. She wears no fur, no leather, and lives in a solar-paneled home. She is the founder of The Kind Life where she teaches you how to live a kind life and take care of Mama Earth. She focused 2 years to develop an Eco-friendly organic cosmetic and skincare line with Juice Beauty. Most recently Alicia has partnered up with Garden of Life supplements to create Kind Organics. The first chemical-free, organic, Non GMO Project Verified multivitamin safe enough to support a vegan and Eco-friendly lifestyle. Her motto: "Be kind to your body, be kind to our world."   We are pumped that so many influential people are going green and living an Eco-friendly lifestyle. With that said, this list is limitless. So who are some of your favorite Eco-chic celebs?! We would love to hear who you would add to our list. Share with us in the comments below, or on our Facebook page!

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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