A Bracelet That POPS!

by Kelsey Paz October 25, 2013

As if our PieceByPaz Candles made from recycled wine bottles didn't give us enough of an excuse to do some indulging in the grape tango, this new upcycling project we have discovered is now giving us an excuse to do the hop dance in the barley fields! The first step in this project is that we require you to go out to your local grocer and purchase a 30 pack of your favorite malt beverage and get started in gathering your materials! If you so choose to immediately partake in executing this crafty project after "gathering your materials", we would love to see how your masterpiece turns out.... IMG_1422 A BRACELET THAT POPS INSTRUCTIONAL: STEP 1: Gather Materials - pop tops from canned beverages (we chose to keep it classy with some Buds, but any soda pop or canned beverage will work) - string of some sort, your choice of style. (we chose brown metalic leather) bracelet 3 bracelet 4   STEP 2: Stringing your first pop tab * fold your string in half. * from the two ends of your string, thread your first pop tab through both holes. Thread from top to bottom (over/under) (reference pic) * don't thread all the way to the folded end, you want to leave some space to clasp your bracelet together when you are ready to wear it. bracelet 1   STEP 3: Stringing the next tabs.... * The second tab: start with stringing just the top hole of the tab, thread from bottom to top (under/over) * String it to meet with the first tab you have already threaded. Make sure that it is positioned behind the first tab, holes overlapping a bit. (see pic) bracelet 2 STEP 4: The Tricky Part.... Threading/weaving/stringing/ method thingy... * Take the top string that you just put your tab through, thread it under/over through the first tab's top hole. This will secure it in place. bracelet 9 * The bottom string: thread it through the bottom hole of the second tab under/over. bracelet 10 *Take that same string and do the same as you did for the top hole, thread it through the first tab you strung's bottom hole to secure it. bracelet 11 <----- What it should look like at this point. STEP 5: Flip & Repeat, Flip & Repeat.... * Flip the whole bracelet over, grab another tab, and repeat the steps above. Then flip over again and repeat, keep doing this until the bracelet is the length you want it. bracelet 12 Here is a progressive picture montage: bracelet 13 bracelet 14 bracelet 15 bracelet 5   STEP 6: Securing the end * You can secure the end with a button or another pop tab. It's up to you and your design creativity. We chose to use another pop tab. Simply string the tab and tie a very secure knot. bracelet 6bracelet 7bracelet 8   STEP 7: Wear It!! bracelet 16 HAVE FUN WITH THIS PROJECT, FROM THE GATHERING MATERIALS STEP ALL THE WAY TO ALL THE COMPLIMENTS YOU WILL GET FROM STRANGERS!

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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