by Kelsey Paz September 16, 2013

Image Statistics show that 2 Billion light bulbs are bought each year, which leads us to believe that the majority of those are because they are replacing a burnt - out bulb. So what happens to the old bulbs? Thrown away? Recycled? (We hope) We have an idea .... UPCYCLE them! Look at them in a different way other than a light bulb. We have done just that and this is what we came up with: THE BULB VASE Image WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Plyers Allen Wrench Light Bulb (ours was 38W) Image STEP 1: MAKE OPENING *Use caution when working with broken glass. Wear necessary goggles and gloves for your protection.* You will first need to create an opening in the top of your light bulb. There will be a black glass attached to the end of the metal spiral on the end of the bulb. Cautiously break this in order to get to the insides of the bulb. ImageImage Use the Allen Wrench as leverage to make it easier to remove this piece. STEP 2: REMOVE INSIDES There will be an inside piece of glass that is attached to the wires you want to remove. Safely break this piece of glass using the Allen Wrench. Image Next, use your pliers to remove the wires. Shake out the excess glass pieces and rinse with water to make sure there are no loose pieces of glass floating around in the bulb. Image   STEP 3: STAND UP . . . . Your options are endless when it comes to how you want to balance your upcycled bulb vase to stand upright. You could use string to tie around the neck of the bulb vase and hang from a tree, a hook on the wall, anywhere you can/want to hang your upcycled bulb vase. You could glue a magnet to one side of the bulb vase and magnetize it to your refrigerator. You would have to make sure that this magnet has a strong hold! You could purchase some velcro rounds from your local craft store. Attach one side to the bulb and the other side to where you want your upcycled bulb vase to hang, on the wall, in you car! (who says beetle bug cars are the only ones with flower vases.), on your bathroom mirror, etc. Limitless places with this option. The route we took was to give our upcycled bulb vase a way to freely stand on any counter top: Using these clear round rubber stickers that you can buy from any home repair store like Home Depot. . . . Image . . . . attach them to the bottom of your bulb vase. We used 3 in a triangle form to ensure balance. Image   STEP 4: DECORATE! Fill your new upcycled bulb vase with water and add your favorite flowers or foliage. We chose Gladiolas! ImageImage Have fun recycling, reducing, and reusing all of those burnt-out light bulbs! Your upcycling possibilities are endless with this project, be careful, it's addicting! These look great next to a beautiful burning candle as well. The light bounces off the glass and water in the bulb vase to create the ultimate relaxing ambiance. Find your favorite upcycled wine bottle candles at

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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