FLEUR DE BOOK VASE: Recycled book and bottles into shabby chic container!

by Carson Helpdesk August 05, 2013

If you are like us here at Piece By Paz candles and have a lot of bottles hanging around, have we got a project for you! (Can also be made out of old flower vases collected over time from all those secret admirers of yours) As a matter of fact, you probably have all of the things needed for this recycling/upcycling project laying around your home. Now before we get started on your new fabulous shabby chic vase, I must ask you to read the disclaimer: CAUTION: May cause friends and house guests to grow extremely jealous, and once they find out you made it, they will definitely want you to make them one! RECYCLED BOOK & BOTTLE into SHABBY CHIC VASE: Image STEP 1: COLLECTING MATERIALS Image Drink a bottle of wine ( that's the fun part!) OR use any old vase you have laying around the house. You will need to collect the following materials: *Books (I got mine from the thrift store) *Glue Gun *Scissors *Container (vase, bottle, etc) STEP 2: MAKING FLOWERS Image Tear out a page from your book. Cut into 3 strips long ways. Image Take one of the strips and fold it in half, what we like to call "hotdog style". Image Then fold that same piece in half again, "Hotdog style". Image Start at one end of your tri-folded piece of paper and begin to roll into a spiral, or what we think resembles a flower..... Image ..... until your flower looks like this. STEP 3: DECORATING YOUR VASE Image Flip your flower to the back side where the spiral contains the stray edges (note: you may want that more shabby that chic look in which you can use this side instead of the other. Your choice!) To apply to the glass, simply apply glue to the back side of your choice. (We used a hot glue gun so that it would dry fast. We are impatient.) Tip: Make sure to completely coat the whole back with as much glue as you can without it being seen. This will ensure secure contact. Image Place the flowers along the outside of the vase in rows wrapping all the way around consistently until the whole container is covered. STEP 4: THAT'S IT! TIME FOR ADMIRATION! Image You can use this as a "catch-all" container that is camouflaged by fabulosity! Or it can be used as a flower vase, I usually put white roses and seeded eucalyptus in this vase. It's beautiful! Have fun with this upcycling project and stay tuned for more every week! ... And don't forget, for the best upcycled candles made out of recycled wine bottles, beeswax, and wood wicks, order at www.piecebypaz.com

Carson Helpdesk
Carson Helpdesk


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