Recycle in style with Piece by Paz Candles!

by Kelsey Paz July 30, 2013

Maybe you are an avid recycler. You rinse your plastic, fold your cardboard, and fill that blue bin every week. OR Maybe you're conscious of what you are putting in the environment. Your cleaners are green, your car is Eco-friendly, your bath and body products are organic, etc. OR Maybe you are eating a very healthy, clean diet. Your are diligent of what goes into your body and feel great about it! Maybe you do one of these things listed above, some of them, or all of these wonderful things. But....then you go home to relax, light a candle that releases toxins into the air when burned and it's container was made for the sole purpose of holding that candle wax, and will eventually be tossed away when it has fulfilled it's purpose. If you are conscious about any of the wonderful things on my above list, then be conscious about your candles as well. And guess what.... Piece By Paz just made that super simple for you! Let us do all the work, really we don't mind, and you can sit back and relax with one of our candles and know you just made a wonderful decision. Your air is cleaner, and your candle had a life previous to the one it has now.......huh? "What? My air is cleaner?", you might ask. YES. Allow me to explain: Each Piece By Paz candle is made with an all natural beeswax and soy blend. We use a high percentage of beeswax so that you can experience the clean air effect. (this is what we like to call it.) When beeswax is heated, it releases negative ions into the air that are sent out to fight all the pollutants in the room you are burning it in! The beeswax negative ions fight off all the positive ions and weigh them down to the ground. (We put our candles to work for you!) This process results in cleaner, purified air. How thoughtful of that beeswax. "Wait. My candle had a life previous to the one it has now?", you may also ask. YES. Once again, allow me to explain: Each candle's container is an upcycled wine bottle. Yes, your candle's container used to be filled with not wax, but some delicious fermented grapes! Who knows, your candle could have been used to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding day even! Your candle could have helped another relax in a different way at one point. Your candle could have been served to multiple customers at a local bar, or an upscale restaurant. Your bottle could have even come from one of our local partners like Abigailes Restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA or Baja Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach, CA. Each candle has a one-of-a-kind story of it's own and I invite you to make up whatever story you want! But the important thing to remember is, it's completely, 100% recycled, and handmade! So now that it's easy to be aware of what you are burning in your home, choose to make it super simple and clean with Piece By Paz candles! (Plus they smell amazing!!)

Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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