by Kelsey Paz April 04, 2016


Sometimes, when the party is over, you have leftover plastic spoons that just take up space in your kitchen. We had an assortment of spoons from two 4th Of July's ago that really needed to go, but I didn't have the heart to throw them out! So, I recycled them into our brand new gold floral addition to our collage wall. They look way better there than piled up in our cabinet! 


First, gather your materials. You will need: 

Old plastic spoons

A round mirror (I found ours at Michaels)

Hot glue gun


Recycled cardboard ( We used a Tide box because the Tide logo was a perfect circle for the project! )

Recycled can tab

recycled spoon flower mirror plastic spoon mirror how to make

How to make a plastic spoon round flower mirror. reycled wine bottle candles natural candles soy candles beeswax candles

1. Cut the heads of the spoons off and glue them around the cardboard, starting at the outer edge and working your way in. 

2. Don't glue them all the way to the center. You will be glueing the mirror on top to cover the middle. 

(If you are spray painting) Because our spoons were different colors from our assortment, we decided to spray paint all of them gold to be cohesive. If you are doing this, make sure to spray paint them before you glue the mirror in the center. 

3. Grab your pop top from a can and glue it to the back of your mirror. This will be what you hang it to the wall with. 

4. After the paint has dried if you painted them, glue the round mirror in the center to cover the middle. Most likely it will not be touching the cardboard, you will be glueing it to the actual spoon part. 

repurposed spoon mirror flower mirror home decor recycled wine bottle candles recycled glass candles recycled champagne candles natural candles soy candles beeswax candles wood wick candles



We have Secret Garden burning in our home right now. It's the perfect April Spring scent filled with floral notes of Wisteria! 


Kelsey Paz
Kelsey Paz


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